8 years ago I had a really bad rat problem...

I wanted to tell you how impressed I am with the Ultimate AT. About 8 years ago I had a really bad rat problem at my house. I had a freezer in my garage and my neighbour was feeding birds on the ground right next to the garage. I didn't realise that rats had got into the freezer until I opened it in the middle of summer and found it had been switched off for a week as the rats had chewed through the cables and actually go into the freezer!!! Obviously I removed the freezer but rats then came into my loft. When I lit my log fire I could hear them running around in the loft above my head. I bought an Ultimate AT and about 10 seconds after I plugged it in they stopped running around and I have never had rats since.

My friend also had a rat problem and I recommended the Ultimate AT so she bought one as well and had much the same experience as me in that the rats just went away as soon as she plugged it in.

As I said I first had my Ultimate AT about 8 years ago so thought it might now need replacing hence my recent order. I keep one in the kitchen, one in my bedroom and one in my outdoor shed. I have also found since using them that I seem to get less spiders in the house. This might be coincidence but it's a very happy one for me as I am really scared of spiders.

You are welcome to use as much or little of this review as you wish in any promotion.

Jacqui Leonard Seven Bays Lettings Ltd.
United Kingdom