Recommend to everyone!

I just wanted to recommend [the Ultimate AT] to everyone!

I had a mouse issue in the house. Not a bad one. But when we found the bread on the dining room table with small holes in the bag, we knew it was bad enough that it was time to try some other tactics. (Side Note: I still don't know how they got up on the table.)

I sealed the house up; that didn't work. I laid traps and poisons down; that was a hit or miss. Plus, it grossed my family out to find dead and smelly mice in the house. With a new puppy, that wasn't an option. I tried other sound repellents – the junk they sell in stores. When I actually saw a mouse sitting on the sound repellent one day, I though to myself, This is hopeless!

I bumped into [the Ultimate AT] online. I was extremely skeptical about these products that use sound to repel mice! I fell for this trick once already. This 5-In-1 technology and scientific research they showed intrigued me. I'll admit that $49.95 for one unit seemed steep to me, but I figured that perhaps you get what you pay for and gave them a try.

I bought 2 and got 1 free. I plugged one in the kitchen (where most of the activity was), one in an upstairs bedroom that had been having some issues, and one in the basement. No issues in the basement, but since I had 3, I figured I'd use it. It's been over a month now and I haven't seen one mouse or any evidence of mice. The room upstairs — no mice! The kitchen, which was the hub of activity, nothing so far!

It's cold and mice love to come indoors this time of year. I'm very pleased. My 7-month-old Labby had a minor issue the first day I plugged the units in, but the next morning, they didn't appear to bother her anymore. Great product! When these finally wear out, I'll be ordering some again! Thanks.

Jamil W.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania United States