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Daniel V.


Didn't work for our situation but nice design

After exhausting all the "extra loud" and "long range" dog bark tools we have found that this did not work. To be fair we are 80-100 feet from the offenders. It was nicely built and the mount was nice. Had to send it back and build one from research online.

Hi Jon,
Sorry to hear this did not work out for you. I do see you have the RMA set up for return for refund. We will get you refunded as soon as we get this back. If you have any questions just let us know.

Neighbor still barks but neighbor’s dogs bark no more

I complained to my neighbor but he barked too. Please make one that will work on highly inconsiderate dog owners.
It certainly works on his six barking dogs though. Every now and then a quip, but that’s it.
Quiet mornings at last.

We are so glad to hear this has worked to get your peace and quiet back. As for the inconsiderate dog owners, maybe one day there will be something that will work on them as well!

Thank you for an amazing product!

I and my husband recently purchased the dog silencer max, we had the unfortunate ongoing issues with our neighbors dogs, after speaking with the neighbor, and trying to become somewhat friendly with the pesky nonstop barking, we did our research and came across this product! Thank you for making a great product! No more barking! It’s been almost 2 weeks now and we can finally enjoy our beautiful yard without the constant barking! I highly recommend the Dog silencer max, my husband placed it on our home high enough that way nothing could block the signal. Bark free so far! 🙌🙏🏼

We are so happy to hear this is working out so well for you. If you ever have any questions or need anything just let us know.

Dog Silencer® MAX
Seems like it is working, but...

My dog loves to bark at UPS Trucks and Mailmen and does it to excess. I bought the Dog Silencer after buying some smaller units from another vendor, as I thought I needed something more powerful.
My dog still barks, but he seems to stop quickly, especially if I can correct him. I have only used this product for a few weeks, so hopefully he will start getting the idea that barking isn't good.
Lastly, given the fact that I have the sensitivity way down (at 20 feet), I think that it will work for dogs barking at a great distance.

So far so good

I have set up the device and the dogs has been quite. Barks once or twice but them nothing for a few hours. Hopefully its learning to stay quiet altogether, although barking once or twice now goes a long way for me.

Dog Silencer® MAX
Margaret L.
Great product

Unfortunately, two of the four barkers next door didn't respond. However, interestingly enough, it DID stop the constantly barking dog which is driven back and forth along the road daily.

Finally a solution

Dear owners of 'support companions'. Barking dogs are not a reliable security defense (one fresh beef patty will change your dog's loyalty). And trust me; they're not having 'meaningful conversations' w/ each other when the whole block 'goes off'. It's more like 'I thought my owner was a leader, and now I have to pick up the slack!'. Dog Silencer Max works! No more barking, or ridiculous conversations w/ the 'pack leader'. And, it's totally harmless to the dogs.

Great dog bark control device!

Im happy with the device but the customer service is outstanding!! Lost my remote and they had a new one out to me in the mail quickly. I called and left a voice message and - boom had a follow up email and voice mail with shipping details of a remote headed my way! Awesome!

One of the Very Best Inventions Ever!!!!

Well, the Dog Silencer Max made a Believer out of me from the moment of its installation.

When both of the neighbors came out of there house into there patio and started barking, within seconds they started barking less and less.

Now you barely hear a whimper out of them.

If ultrasonic doesn't work use audible!

My neighbor dog barks at everything. Tried the ultrasonic setting at first but don't think it was reaching the dog through my trees. I as fed up and about to give up when I switched to audible. Every time that dog bark I hit the remote making an annoying sound right back. Finally my neighbors got the hint and started bringing it in. Maybe this for training neighbors and not their dog!

Just received this today

I'm hopeful that this thing will get my 2 dogs to stop barking at the neighbors dog and both my neighbors and ourselves can finally have peace and quiet!

Improved, but not solved

Our dog silencer has had a positive impact in reducing the barking of my two large dogs. They love to sit by the front gate and greet passers-by but also bark at nothing. The Dog Silencer has reduced the aimless "bored" barking by about 50%.

Great product

We are still on the fence. It seems to work at times but other times we are not sure if it's activating or are these dogs of the neighbors so bad that they are the true test of the product. Hoping that it will work all the time at some point.

Dog silencer

Unfortunately worked better on the neighbour's dog . Our two dogs still barking

Quality product, Durable, Simple setup.

On my front neighbor's Boston Terrier the DogSilencer Max worked instantly!
On my backyard neighbor's Golden Lab it didn't seem to help. The bottom line is: If you are dealing with a normal dog the DogSilencer works! Not only does it stop the barking, it also sends the dog running away.
However, if the dog you are trying to control is either deaf or obviously brain damaged the DogSilencer MAX (nor any other device, including spraying with a garden hose) will help. BTW, I also purchased the solar panel and it works with the DogSilencer Max perfectly. I'm happy with the DogSilencer MAX!

Mission accomplished!

There were 2 dogs two doors down who barked unrelentingly. We set up the ultimate bark control within line of sight of the dogs on a tree about 50' away on our next door neighbor's tree.

First night we heard one bark then silence. A while later another bark, then nothing. Then, we started hearing dogs 3 doors down, but they stopped a day later. We think the dogs 2 doors down were causing the dogs three doors down to bark, but now they stopped because they weren't aggravated by the dogs two doors down. Peace in the land. Love it when a product works!

Bark wise collar works great

We've used the collars on our two Shelties for about a week, and the collars have completely transformed our dogs. They used to bark furiously at the next door dog, and that dog was traumatized. Now the three of them have a friendly, peaceful run up and down the fence line. The neighbors are so thankful that we got the collars. And it's really nice to answer the front door without two furiously barking dogs making visitors uncomfortable. Even without the collars on they are learning self control and we are hopeful that over time the collar won't be necessary.

A must have!

This device has changed my life. One of my neighbors has four dogs of various breeds. Another neighbor has two "yappy" dogs that bark incessantly. I can sit in my living room with the remote and find blessed peace!

Dog Silencer® MAX
Barking dogs

I think the device is working the neighbors dogs don't seem to bark as much

Worked for us!

We rescued two, 4-5 year old boxers who had ZERO training. Walks were filled with constant barking whether there was a dog, person or other animal. There was a noticeable difference almost immediately.
We DO NOT leave it on them all the time. Only where we wanted the first behavior changes to take place (on our walks). We set it to the recommended settings from the website.
Now when we walk, they might whimper when they see or hear a dog. The behavior even transferred to the backyard where one would bark at everything (we don't even put it on them in the backyard).
Bottom line, use the collars in small doses, follow the recommended settings and some dogs might require more time to see the differences.

Neighbor dog looks directly at the box and continues to bark

I have activated the box manually and watched the dog jerk its head and look directly at the box. The dog is within the 75' range. So, it is able to hear the tone, but refuses to cease the constant howling or barking. I made the purchase 02-03-23 and will give it some more time before returning this. Then pursue other options.

Love but not weather resistant:(

I LOVE this product. However it only lasted one summer, due to weather damage I'm assuming :( i didntt Realize it wasn't weather resistant. Going to have to buy a new one because this product really is great

I never bought a second one because the first one worked.

It works.

It seems to be working. There is less barking from the two pairs of dogs.

It seems to be working. I can see the green light come on outside on the units when the remotes are pushed inside the house. Since the distance to all the dogs on both sides is pretty far I'm not sure . but there is less backing. The closer neighbor's dogs come back in March and then I can tell more. I feel better!