We noticed a considerable improvement.

Two years ago, having bought a house in Southwest France, we found that it had infestations of stone martens (fouines) and a kind of weasel (belettes) in the loft and other roof spaces. They used to sleep during the day and go out hunting at night, returning in the early hours. At various times we heard various thumping and scurrying noises, and there was a noticeable odor in one part of the house caused by not only the animals themselves but by the prey which they had imported into the roof space. We discussed various solutions, including poison, but we did not take that route as our three cats would have been at risk.

It was suggested to us that an ultrasonic device may be the only available solution, so after much research on the Internet I discovered Euro Good Life and the Ultimate Pest Repeller AT. We took a risk and bought one although the specification seemed to indicate that smaller rodents were the main target. However after the first one was installed we noticed a considerable improvement, and as the house is quite large we ended up with three more ATs. The fouines and belettes and their odors disappeared and have never returned, and there is evidence only of mice in one small area on the veranda, which may require a further AT. We are very happy with the overall result, and recommend that the AT be considered in similar cases. The cats are completely unaffected by the devices and often have a nap close to one of them.