The Guardian is a remarkable gadget for squirrels.

I shopped online for a couple weeks before deciding to purchase The Guardian. In the meantime, I shopped around Jacksonville, FL for a similar device, none to be found. When I received the device, I called customer service for help on setting for squirrels, the lady was a great help, totally understood the item and how to (and how not to) set it. I also asked her about mounting it on an oscillating fan to cover more area. She saw no problem, but didn't know if it would help.

I must say The Guardian is a remarkable gadget for squirrels. With the oscillating, it covers probably 180 degrees and goes out about sixty or seventy feet. You can tell by the squirrel mess photo how much I have needed this. During the past year and a half, I have trapped and carried away over two hundred squirrels. No more trapping! Your customer service is excellent, as is the product. Thanks for all your help.

Update: The oscillating seems definitely to work, covers area of both trees, probably 180 degrees. The important part of this particular fan is the weight — holds securely. If you build something in the future it would be really good. I'd recommend something that drives like a stake into the ground to hold securely. Thanks again, for a fine product and all your help. The squirrels no longer even hang out in the trees.

William S
Neptune Beach, Florida United States