No chemicals and no distressed little animals

A year or so ago we were being taken over by mice. In spite of strenuous efforts we could not find where they were coming into our RV that was permanently set up in a resort. Knowing not what to do, I purchased and read the label and directions on the popular mice poison — I decided we were better off with the mice!

I had, on occasion, purchased the small pest ‘machines’ from major companies re: their TV ads. They were to no avail. I came across Good Life and read with interest their information on the indoor and semi-outdoor repeller i.e. the Ultimate MC (useful in basements, under decks, etc.). I sent for it and from the day we unpacked the box and put it underneath our fully skirted RV we never saw another mouse. They left and did not come back. No mess and best of all no chemicals and no distressed little animals to deal with.

We are contemplating a move to a more rural resort area and this time I will go prepared. I sent for the new Guardian unit as I am sure we will encounter critters of all shapes and sizes in the outdoor areas. This outdoor unit will allow me to adore some of the critters and not be bothered by those I do not wish to deal with. Upon receipt of the new unit, we put it right to work. With our unusual rainy weather we have been inundated by mosquitoes that we have never before been bothered with. I set the selector to #1 (insects) and put the unit on the glass bar on our deck and faced it to our main entry door. Nary a mosquito has come around. When people I meet complain about the mosquitoes I say, ‘what mosquitoes?’

Thank you so much Good Life. You are aptly named. You certainly have improved our life. I am rabidly against chemicals and you have opened a new door to a safe world for us and our adored Border Collie, Mae. A world I did not know existed till I found you. Thank you again.

John C.
Kelowna, British Columbia Canada

Note: the Pest Repeller Ultimate MC is a past version of The Guardian.