From the day I plugged them in I have not seen 1 scorpion in the house.

Hi, as you read this I am sure you are thinking, ‘Is this another online gimmick or is this for real?’ I thought the same thing because you never know what is online. Here is my story. We moved into my new home in January 2010. What we did not know is that the house came with scorpions, I guess the builder just forgot to tell us.

We have tried all kind of chemicals inside and outside on the house and also have a exterminator come every 3 months. The chemicals do work some but it takes a few days for them to work, so in the meantime you still have scorpions. It was so bad we bought glue traps that you can put around the house to trap mice. We don't have mice but we did catch on average 2 to 5 scorpions a night on them. It had gotten so bad my wife had glue traps all around the bed underneath it so no scorpions could get in the bed. (Word of warning if you try this be careful where you step it is very hard to get your sock free, I also don't recommend doing this if you have animals in the house because the traps are very sticky).

My wife was at the point, that if they don't go then she is moving back to the city. I know some people will say that we moved into their area, but I paid more so they need to go. I found the Good Life Company online and thought with a 30 day money back guarantee why not try it. I ordered 4 Good Life Ultimate AT, for my house and from the day I plugged them in I have not seen one Scorpion in the house. We left the glue traps for a couple of weeks and never caught a one. Now my wife and I can relax. I know we still have them outside the house because if you go outside at night with a black light they glow in the dark. If you do this be sure to wear boots, and it's best to burn them because mama scorpions carry the babies on their backs, so make sure you get them all.

I am so impressed with the Good Life Ultimate AT, I ordered 4 more for the house and tell everyone I know about them. I have also ordered the Guardians to see if they can get the scorpions away from the house. I hope they work also.

Terry G.
College Station, Texas United States