The Guardian™ Protects the Gold Hill Food Share Garden

Wow! We just dug this wonderful case study out of our archives. We are so proud to have been a part of this project all those years ago.

Gold Hill Food Share Garden – Diagram of Guadian™ layout

Thank you for responding to my request and offering a donation of one of your Guardian devices.

Our experience with The Guardian devices to repel deer was successful. Not a single deer invaded our 2012 Gold Hill Food Share Garden areas. View Larger Diagram

Our strategy was to use the minimum number of devices to keep the deer from entering the areas that comprise our 22,350 sq ft garden. The northern rectangular plot had physical protection on its northern boundary provided by an 8 ft. fence and blackberries. Its eastern boundary was protected by high blackberries. The southern irregular shaped plot had no physical protection. Considering the operating characteristics of The Guardian (120 degree pattern, 75 ft beam radius) the units were positioned as shown in the diagram. Note the arcs depicted are 50 ft radius so there was an additional 25 ft beam radius (which we confirmed in our testing and use). The units were mounted on standard wooden stakes about 5 ft above ground level with the beams directed outward toward the garden perimeters. The desired overlap of beams was effective and provided the desired coverage. The units operated continuously and reliably 6 months (from May–October) which required battery replacements in August (three months). The devices were stored and will be used again this year.

The Guardian devices repelled the deer at about half the cost of a traditional 8 ft. deer fence. That meant we avoided the labor to erect a fence. And they did not change the aesthetic beauty of the garden (that a fence would cause) nor interfere with the gardening efforts of our volunteer workers. The protection provided by The Guardian devices allowed us to achieve a record production (33,000 lbs) of free veggies to needy families in Gold Hill and ACCESS pantries in Jackson county.

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Curt Shuler Gold Hill Food Share Garden
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