Guardian G2 Cannon Review by Printhie Vineyards

I was pleased to receive a sample of the XXX Gas Gun to trial at one of our Printhie vineyards in Orange, NSW. While the trial did not coincide with our harvest we did test the unit and found it to be easy and quick to assemble straight out of the box. The simple, lightweight design makes it easily mobile which is of benefit when targeting Starlings in our vineyards. Once connected to the gas operation was easy with the unit operating within minutes of setup in the vineyard. The extendable cannon allows for the amplification of the bang which was useful to throw the sound over the vineyard. I did have to anchor the unit in the field as the recoil from the bang caused it to creep backwards.

All told I was very happy with the unit and found it to be comparable to other units we currently use and have used in the past.

Dave Swift Printhie Wines
Orange, New South Wales Australia