Great Difference the Very First Day

I live in as comfortable and well taken retirement home as you could ever find. It is my fault that I let dust mites get started. Since that time, I have worn out one vacuum and working on the second one. To no avail.

I was skeptical about items like these, but decided I have to try something. It took me quite a while to decide which one I wanted and I finally chose yours. I'm so glad I did. These are working great!

I could tell a great difference the very first day that I used them. After a few days, they were all gone with the exception of just very few and I accept responsibility for that. Ha!

I was confused for quite a while with the beeping sound that was not supposed to be audible to humans and animals. After a while, I discovered it was my hearing aids. Ha! I don't hear it everywhere; it's just when I am close to them. My problem.

Ernie H.
Newton, Kansas United States