Forget all those old wives' tales!

The mouse problem became apparent last weekend when I heard scratching. I thought it might be in the wall cavities. Plus, I had no idea what was making the noise.

The next day, I embarked on a search. Yep, under the kitchen sink were mouse droppings. After searching the internet on how to manage this, I cleaned out the cupboard, placed a bowl of soaked peppermint oil cotton buds, 3 mousetraps and bait.

Then I went to the internet, did a thorough search and found Good Life. I purchased 6 Ultimate ATs as we have three power circuits in the house, a verandah and a garage.

Your product arrived yesterday, delivered to my workplace. I live in Australia, 5 working days and it arrived in a timely manner.

The previous attempts mentioned above had not worked and the bait was disappearing at a rapid rate. Doubt was expressed as I advised my working group of my intention to use your devices.

I arrived home, plugged one into the wall socket. My dog was curious but not overly concerned as my husband advised that he thought he saw a black thing run across the room. The device had been plugged in less than ten minutes. The mouse in the house was on the run.

Unfortunately for the mouse, it was eventually caught by my dog — a Staffordshire bull terrier — originally bred to catch rats and mice. However, my dog was not aware of the mouse until the device had made it move from wherever it was hiding.

So, forget all those old wives' tales; they do not work! The Ultimate AT did what it was supposed to do in 10 minutes. I wholly recommend this product. It is worth the wait whilst you have it shipped to you. It worked. Thank you!

Susan H.