Cockroach phobic from Australia

Cockroach Phobic from Australia – I have not seen yet a phobic condition as mine. I just moved to a new house and I started to have lots of cockroaches. Well, lets say, maybe they were not ‘a lot’ but at least one or two were found early in the morning dead as I had pulverized the house before I even moved. Finding the roaches dead in the morning was no good for me and it was almost making me move again to another house. I was having terrible ‘thoughts’ where the roaches could have gone and walked along the night before they died? I also have 2 cats and I was terrorized with the idea that my cats could be ‘playing’ with such disgusting insects and come to my bed later.

I must say that now I am a very happy woman with one less stress in my life. I have the Ultimate [AT] and the Guardian all over my house (it's a big place) and maybe I even exaggerated in the number of units but I must say that they're worth every cent of my ‘investment.’ Being honest, since I have all these devices I haven’t seen yet one… neither one cockroach alive or dead (inside or outside of the house).

Apart from this, Good Life was extremely helpful and sympathetic with all my needs and concerns. One of the devices arrived in Australia damaged and it was immediately replaced (with not too much questioning) and sent by FedEx with no extra costs for me. I have made 2 orders plus the request for replacement and all the parcels arrived in just few days by FedEx. It was a pleasure to deal with Good Life and I will be buying more for other properties as well and recommend Good Life to my friends.

Queensland Australia