Bugs, Mice, Squirrels — Gone!

Unbelievable! I bought an older country house, which had a large selection of bugs, spiders, ants, beetles and flies. You name it. I got 4 of the [Ultimate ATs] I put two in the house, one in the garage and one in the barn.

I plugged them in and the next day, no bugs. Not even the dead ones you find on the garage floor. The barn had no spiders or anything that I could find. I left the doors and windows open in the barn, hoping [the Ultimate AT] would repel the squirrels and field mice from the yard. It worked and there is none in sight now.

I don't know if the device repelled the groundhog or it got lonely, but it's gone, too. Him and I have gone 'round all summer long and he was winning. Great product!!!

Rick H.
Vanwert, Ohio United States