Best product I have found

I have owned the Good Life Pest Repeller [Ultimate AT] for over 8 years and it is the best product I have found. My house is slightly over 2000 square feet in Southern California and I would have to say it is virtually pest free. Believe or not, I rarely ever see any kind of those little critters in a year's time.

My daughter, who lives in Hawaii, had a terrible roach problem, so I sent her one to try. After a couple of months, she has been roach-free for over 5 years.

I just purchased 4 more for my 4-plex in Idaho, which has been experiencing roach problems as well. I am fully confident that they will correct the problem shortly. Just plug them in and leave them on for a pest free environment.

I can't thank you enough for producing a great product that actually works. It may be a little more expensive than the ones you see on TV, but it works.

California United States