The ants had significantly subsided.

I ordered 2 of your Pest Repeller Ultimate ATs out of total desperation at the ant invasion I had been experiencing. While I don't like using poisons, I had used ant bait which had worked in previous years, but it only seemed to make the problem worse.

Eventually I did some online research only to discover that there are Argentinean ants which have invaded Northern California some time ago. They have multiple queens so that ant baits and other usual means of managing infestations in homes do not work.

On the same Google page as my search results I saw your ad and decided to try your pricey electronic gadgets out of desperation. I ordered two, removed the ant bait and found that over the next few weeks the ants had significantly subsided.

I immediately brought the one I'd installed downstairs in a hallway, where there were also ants, but not as many, into the kitchen. Within days ants began to circulate in that downstairs area and now, about a week after putting your pest controller in the kitchen, the ants are minimal up there.

I'm a believer! In my experience, they work on these Argentine ants that nothing else really works on! Thanks for the great product!

Nicki M.
San Francisco, California United States