The ants have STOPPED coming in!!

I ordered 2 of the Pest Repeller Ultimate SG* units because of a BIG problem with ants coming into my house, virtually year round, but worse during the summer. I had tried everything else – numerous pesticides (spraying every 3 weeks), ant dust, ant traps – everything I could find that would supposedly kill ants. Those things would work for a very short period of time, then do absolutely nothing. Out of desperation I did some looking on the internet and came across a special on these units.

I called the 800 number and spoke with a very polite and helpful representative of your company. She answered all of my questions, and I ordered 2 of the units. I received them in approximately 1 week (very quickly in my opinion), and the units did exactly what I was told they would do – it took a few weeks to see the difference, but the ants have STOPPED coming in!!

I am very happy with the way everything was handled – promptly, as promised and guaranteed! I very highly recommend these units (and this company) – my house is STILL ant-free – and I have also not seen any spiders for a while either!


Note: the Pest Repeller Ultimate SG is a past version of the Pest Repeller Ultimate AT.