After installing the Pest Repellers, we heard NOTHING!

I live in a townhouse that adjoins 5 houses. Recently, due to poor roof maintenance of 3 neighbors, squirrels entered the crawl space of all of our roofs. Our bedroom became severely infested with squirrels nesting and breeding behind the walls and ceiling of our bedroom. We endured the nuisance of clawing and scratching for weeks, helpless to do anything about these squirrels while we waited for our neighbors to replace their roofs. We also feared the damage these critters can do to a home.

After a thorough search of the internet, I purchased 2 of the ‘Pest Repeller Ultimate AT’ devices. I plugged them in, 1 on each wall of infestation, as soon as I received them and experienced IMMEDIATE relief! Every evening around dusk, we could hear the squirrels re-entering their nests in our walls. But after installing the Pest Repellers, we heard NOTHING! No longer must my family and I endure the ongoing nuisance such as scratching and clawing these critters can cause. The units are also reasonably priced. My family and I can enjoy our home again! Thank you so much for these devices! Hopefully, this testimonial can help someone else plagued with pests! These devices REALLY work!

Donna A.