Welcome, Spring! Deer, Not So Much.

  1. Pull weeds … Check.
  2. Plant flowers … Check.
  3. Water … Check.
  4. Enjoy the beauty of your labor … Check.

… Or maybe not. What is that? Oh, dear.
No, I mean, really: “Oh Deer!”

Deer love to eat the fresh, green shoots of spring. Your lovely azaleas and hydrangeas are a delicious meal they just can't resist. (I prefer chocolate, but that's just me.)

So, what can you do?

I have a solution for you that's easy, eco-friendly and humane. The Guardian™ is a fantastic electronic device that will protect your gardens while you're home or away.

The strobe light works to startle deer when they arrive for a free dinner. And sounds emitted by the device will irritate the deer so they won't want to stay and feast on your hard work.

With The Guardian, you make your garden a very unpleasant restaurant for the deer. Would you eat where there is bright, flashing light in your face and irritating sounds filling your ears? No? Well, neither will the deer.

So this spring make sure you're the one enjoying the fruits of your labor and not those pesky deer!

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