How Many Ultimate ATs Do I Need?

If you aren't sure what the Pest Repeller Ultimate® AT is, take a look at at the full product page here. Briefly, the Ultimate AT is an indoor pest repeller that works for most of the common household pests (i.e. insects and rodents) without using chemicals or traps.

So, how many does your home need? One Ultimate AT can cover approximately 5,000 square feet in an open area. Its technologies – such as the negative ions and ultrasonic sounds – will not go through any solid objects like furniture or walls. The vibrations through the wiring will only go through the wiring that is connected to the outlet you have it plugged into.

A diagram showing how the Pest Repeller Ultimate® AT's ultrasonic sound will extend throughout a sing-floor house.
The ultrasonic sound will not penetrate solid objects, but it will bounce off of them. Keep doors open when possible for maximum coverage.

This is why you will want more than one unit in most situations. We always recommend 2–3 Ultimate ATs per floor of a standard-sized home (around 2,000 square feet or less).

They should be placed evenly throughout the home. For example, place one in the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom or the room(s) that you have had issues with pests. You don't need one per room unless you have a crazy, out-of-control infestation – rarely an occurrence, though.

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