The Solar SafeGuard — Will it Hurt My Pets?

Like all of our products here at Good Life, the Solar SafeGuard is 100% humane and will not harm any human or animal – pets and pests included. We have eliminated the need for toxic chemicals, or unsavory traps, instead integrating sonic sound technology and vibrations to get rid of those pesky pests that can damage your lawn and gardens.

A common question we get about these units is, “Will these hurt my dogs or cats?” The answer is no, these units are completely safe and humane, and will not bother your beloved furbabies.

The Solar SafeGuard is easy to use, and can be installed in seconds. For maximum coverage you'll want to place one unit every 100 feet or so. The Solar SafeGuard will emit sounds and vibrations that disrupt burrowing pests such as moles, snakes, and gophers. This makes them want to leave and find a new home.

Because the Solar SafeGuard uses the sun to charge, we recommend allowing them a good 24 hours of full sunlight before putting them in the ground. Once they are properly installed, the audible sound will only be heard if you are right next to it. So there's no need to worry about disturbing your neighbors or your peace and quiet.

And one more thing… don't forget to remove the Solar SafeGuards from your lawn before you mow!

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