Q&A: How can I repel mice and rats from my car?

Q: Can these be used under a car to repel mice/rats? Is it better to also use a strobe light? If the sound is turned on high, can you hear it?

A: In the past year or so, there's been a greater increase in pests finding their way into vehicle engines, nesting and chewing through wiring. It can be costly to repair, but The Guardian™ does help with this!

It would need to be placed on its back under the engine, so it projects the sound up into the compartment. If you are concerned about water getting into it, place the device on a brick or something else that will raise it off the ground.

While some of the sounds are audible to us, the sounds used for mice and rats are ultrasonic. They are at a higher frequency that we can't hear but those pests can.

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