Dirt Works

Dirt? Well, it's called diatomaceous earth, and it works.

Diatomaceous earth (or DE) is a siliceous, sedimentary rock that occurs naturally. To be more specific, it is mainly the fossilized remains of diatoms   or hard-shelled algae. Now, what could this possibly be good for? Well, a lot of things, including using for health benefits, filtering agents, and pest control.

And that's where I was going with DE. It's safely and easily used as an insect pest control. Always choose food-grade, though!

How does it work? DE cuts up the bugs' bodies, sapping the moisture from the waxy exoskeletons of insects. This causes them to dehydrate and perish. It works for beetle-type insects with a carapace, such as ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, and fleas.

Simply sprinkle it wherever you have insects, such as carpets, counters, and behind appliances. This is extremely helpful for getting rid of bed bugs because they are notorious for multiplying and spreading quickly! With most natural repellents, you may need to reapply often. I recommend using it in conjunction with other products such as Nature-Cide®.

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