Blast Away Birds Without Harming a Feather

Easy to understand, straightforward controls, and a variety of functions, the G2 Propane Cannon will be your #1 bird control solution.

One sonic blast scares away birds and other wildlife, so your property is protected immediately. Fruit orchards, crop fields, and vineyards are only a few of the large areas it keeps safe from destruction. You’ll get bigger yields without having to use chemicals, poisons, or traps.

I've tried to setup other electronic cannons. One starts to think you have to be a mechanical genius to configure it. Not with the G2. Just change the blast interval via a dial and open the valve! There’s nothing complicated here. That’s why the G2 is the most reliable and easy-to-use electronic cannon on the market.

The G2 comes in two versions: one with a telescoping barrel and one that includes a tripod and rotates with each blast.

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