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Sound-Amplifying Cone

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Amplifies your Dog Silencer® or Dog Silencer® MAX's sound output by 4–6 dB. Easy to snap on and off.

Cannot be used at the same time as another faceplate.


  • What does the Sound Amplifying Cone do?

    The sound amplifying cone is designed to direct the sound from the Dog Silencer or Dog Silencer Max to one specific area. For example; if the dog in question is kenneled the cone would be used to aim the sound directly at the dog so they get the full effect of the ultra-sonic sound.

  • How many decibel levels does the Amplifying cone increase the Dog Silencer to?

    The cone will increase the decibel level by 4-6dB depending on the unit you have. This will help if there are multiple dogs barking in a kennel, or you need the unit to reach just a little bit further. Typically the 4-6dB level will increase the range of sound by 25 feet. We do not recommend using the cone if the dog in question has full reign of the yard. This is because the cone reduces the width of the sound coming out of the unit from 130° down to °90.

  • Does the Amplifying Cone work with the optional Colored Faceplates?

    The sound amplifying cone comes with it’s own unique faceplate that it attaches to. The amplifying cone will not work in conjunction with the other face plates offered for the Dog Silencer or Dog Silencer Max.

  • What color is it?

    The cone and faceplate are both solid black.